Das Große Geld und eine Reise in die Freiheit?

Das Große Geld und eine Reise in die Freiheit Hier wieder ein „Blick in mein Buch“ http://www.amazon.de/Mein-Traum-frei-sein-Geschichten/dp/1482708205/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1 Mit diesem Mercedes 230er Model ging die Reise im Jahr 1969 nach Ceylon! ….da erschien mein Kobold mal wieder und wollte nicht nur in eine andere Stadt ziehen, sondern gleich in ein anderes Land. Also sagte ich meinen … Weiterlesen Das Große Geld und eine Reise in die Freiheit?

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Seppo kontaktieren. Ein hola von Teneriffa! Danke für den Kontakt zu mir… Da ich schon zum „Älteren Semester“ gehöre, und nicht so richtig,wie die „Jungen,“ mit dem PC umgehen kann,freue ich mich dass hin und wieder einige Zeilen von mir in die „Weite -Welt“ gelangen. Nochmals:DANKE und schau doch hin und wieder auf meine Seite….. … Weiterlesen Seppo kontaktieren


Hello my Friends, I need Your Help!

My Book „Mein Traum frei zu sein“ get translated from German languages in to English, >My Dream To Be Free> I need an Comment on the English languages of the translation. The „Translator“ is an NON English or German native speaking Person..this is an Test.Please be so kind and replay to the Comment Box! Thanks.

Under the English edition comes the Original German Version.

My childhood dream is fulfilled©

My dream to go to sea became stronger once again. But I received 10 rejection letters from the 12 shipping companies, because they did not take  passengers and did not need any confectioner in the team. But one letter from Bremen gave me hope. It arrived from the sender „D. D. G. Hansa. Schlachte 6“. This shipping company wanted to employ me under the following conditions: 1. Due to my age, I was to bring a letter of consent from my parents.  2. I had to undergo a course for four weeks in a hotel managed by the shipping company. After that I could start as a kitchen-boy. If I had taken a training as a baker or as a butcher, it would have been such much easier.  I would have been able to start immediately as a cook’s mate or as a second chef. But I did not ruminate too long but instead I accepted the offer as a kitchen boy! So I would start as Moses – those are the boys, who did not have any profession and started an apprenticeship only on board. Even they could go on up to being a captain – of course with school in the harbor, trips to see and back again in the school.   All this for a few years. So that is how it went. But I had a different profession – and still had start as Moses. I was confectioner and not a cook – so I had learn once again. My goal was still to become a ship’s cook.

It was a tough fight with Mother. Father was less concerned but Mother said that water did not have any beams. And, besides, what could happen there in the water. She said she knew about it from the war – many had been drowned as it happened in the case of „Gustloff“.  Her father had been a technician on the „Wilhelm Gustloff“. The ship had drowned with about 9000 people on board. Now it was clear to me why they did not want to allow me to go out to sea. She had never spoken about her father before.  Sometime, somewhere I had read a report on this tragedy. No one knows exactly how many souls were on board as the Russian torpedoes caused the ship to sink. It was in the Baltic Sea off the Polish coast. Till date, no one prefers to even mention this whole matter concerning

What were a few thousand German refugees and a ship’s crew, they were all Nazis anyway. So it is more appealing to talk about a „Titanic“. Those were „poor millionaires“who were killed tragically. The location of the sinking of the
„Gustloff“ has been known as Obstacle No. 73 in the navigation charts,  but who cares worried about it today ? But there were only 9000 refugees from the east, who lost their lives. They were certainly even the constructors of the concentration camps. It was those days in the war time.  But now there was no war any more, at least not in our immediate geographical surroundings.  There was and is war always and at any time in the world, only you don’t hear about it at times.

I fought against this kind of talks and I defended the new world of seafaring. I could die anywhere, and I did not have to go out of the house for this. Many people die even in their bed.

Once I had seen statistics, in which the most dangerous animals in the world and the most deadly attacks worldwide per year were listed. So I told Mother that a million people die from malaria, transmitted by mosquitoes. Another forty thousand people die through  snakebites, through crocodiles and worldwide and almost two hundred thousand people through avalanches. Two hundred people are killed by hippopotamuses , fifty people through tigers – all, which are terrestrial animals. But only about fifteen or twenty die due to shark bites – animals that live in water. This is why life on the water is so much safer. Now even Mother had to smile and she said that I was very well prepared. In order to add emphasis, I also deliberately focused on and reminded her the fact that I would be twenty-one soon and that I could then do what I wanted without her consent.  To this Mother said that I was already doing what I wanted.  Whether it was due to my moaning and complaining or whether due to my threat that I would go away and never come back,  that it had clinched it for me at the end, I cannot say – but Mother surrendered and I got her blessing.  My resignations was easier than I thought it would be. The bakery manager only said that someone who wanted to travel should not be stopped. That wouldn’t benefit anyone.

The farewell to my friends made me a bit sad, but I promised to to send all of them postcards from all over. At the same time I knew exactly how lazy I was in writing letters. I also noticed that some of my sport comrades were a little jealous of me. I was able to spend a week at my parents‘ home, then my other and I packed my little blue suitcase, which had already accompanied me for the past five years.

The longest train journey, which I now had to make alone, brought me to the main railway station in Bremen on the 8th of September 1960.

From there I took a taxi to Schlachte 6. I introduced myself to one Mr Willman, who managed personal data, and who guided my next steps. Then we went to the floating hotel, where I was to spend time in the next weeks.  It was called „Alibaba“ and was anchored on the river Weser. As a training ship, it didn’t go anywhere. I worked with a cook’s mate, who was waiting on a new ship. He was an older cook, whom the shipping company retained, because he had been there even before the war.

During the war he had been in India, or more precisely in Goa, in detention, and had married a local woman. He later remained there until his wife died and he returned to Germany. But because of his age, no one wanted to have him on board any more. And so he eked out a living during his twilight years on the „Alibaba“. We were then probably something like Allibaba’s thieves – though we were not forty in number, but we cooked for at least over thirty people.

I had to bring my papers together as well as visit a doctor and a dentist. It was purely a precautionary measure, so that I would not have to go to a doctor already in the next port. I bought many cook books and butcher’s guidebooks, because I had a lot of catching up to do in this area.

I was called to the office and given a ticket to Hamburg and a Crew Members‘ Certificate of Hire for SS „Freienfels“, which was docked in the port of Hamburg, and which was getting a heaving maintenance.

I reported to the watch-keeping officer, who sent me up to the cook  There were some shipyard workers on board and a small team, for whom we prepared food. We – i.e. the Chef, the cook’s mate – a butcher from the hotel, and yours truly, the cook’s / baker boy. If someone had called me a baker during my teaching time or even during my apprenticeship, I would have flipped out. There was a difference between bakers and confectioner and it was important for me that people were aware of this. Baker work  mainly with flour and confectioners with sugar. I also enjoyed making the following statement: Please note the last two letters: Schust-er (shoe-maker), zSchrein-er (carpenter), Metzg-ere(butcher), Bäck-er (baker), Bettl-er (begger), all have the same last letters! But now listen to this! Profess-or (professor), Dokt-or (doctor), Direkt-or (director), Kondit-or (confectioner), also have the same last letters! Please note this difference. But slowly I realized that there was a much stronger hierarchy on a ship .

As „Moses“(cabin boy) you were just a tolerated being. Without any rights, not even with permission to be at the same table with an experienced sailor. But somehow it was different with me. People respected me because I already had a career. In addition, it was perhaps expected from me that I would put my knowledge as confectioner to use on the the trip.

Which sailor could resist it, if there was a delicious cake on the table during the afternoon coffee time. And no one wants to make enemies with the kitchen gang. There was some friendly teasing already because I was not from the coast but was a country mouse from Frankfurt.

There were terms that I had to learn quickly, for example: Pütz (bucket), Fulbrast (trash can), Feudel (cleaning rags), Back (bowl). But also a part of the fore-section of the vessel, and also the bells and many other expressions. The dirty work like peeling potatoes, cleaning the kitchen or the store rooms and cold storage rooms were reserved for me.  Also lugging frozen quarters of beef or pig-halves from the cold storage rooms below through a steep staircase to the kitchen was part of my tasks, even during rough seas.  t But for now, we were still in shed no. 9- and were waiting for the completion of the repairs.

It was two days before our departure and we were equipped for the journey. Can you remember how you felt when you consciously waited for the first time for Christmas and for the distribution of the presents?  That is how I felt in these days.  I was excited and could hardly wait. We got supplies for two hundred days. At least everything, which was frozen and also the stock of tinned food. Fresh vegetables were always bought where they were available. But all this was not my problem.

It was the 30th of October, and it was my 19th. birthday.  I had already handed out a round of beer for the kitchen, the stewards, the boatmen (skippers) and the carpenters during the 10 o’clock smoking time. The kitchen, or the deck in front of the kitchen, was the meeting place for gossip and fun,  from the first day Like at the hair salon ashore. The 10 o’clock break was just the meeting place for a chat. Well, this was because there was hot meat broth in cold zones and cool drinks in hot zones. Popular was the „Guiampel-Water“, which the seafarers called the lemonade, which was mixed together by us.

In my lunch break from 1 pm to 3 pm, I went to my room, which I shared with the butcher-cook’s mate.  I also had drunk some Becks beer with the others, which was available probably at every steamship from Bremen .  I was in a good mood and wanted to relax a bit, so that I was fit again for the evening.

A surprise awaited me, so to speak, a birthday present from my colleagues from the smoking time. The window – they were proper square ones, not the round portholes – had its curtains drawn. It was dark, and also the light switch, which I switched on and off a few times, remained so.  There was a curtain in front of every sleeping berth, which you could draw if you wanted to have some peace and quiet.  The lower berth was mine and the curtain was drawn. I undressed in the dark and pushed the curtain aside and swung into my berth. That is to say, I wanted to! At the moment the window’s curtains opened and the light went on.  And now I saw: There was a naked woman in my berth. And the crowd in front of the window bawled! There was no singing, but that it really raucous bawling. out of which I heard  the „Happy Birthday To You“.

My shock –  I do not know whether it was due to the woman or because she was naked  and the half of the the crew were cheering in front of my window – passed quickly. I did the only thing that was probably right and lay down next to the strange naked woman in my berth.  There was no escape, I had to go through it! But I got up once again, and closed the window and drew the curtain and lay down again next to my birthday present and reconciled myself to my fate.

They could have sent me flowers or a bottle of whiskey or a free ticket for the ghost train or simply a gift coupon for the bordello in the Herbertstraße for my birthday.

But no, it had to be on board here, so that the gossip mongers had something to talk about during the whole journey.  Now I focused on my guest, and got to know from her that her name was Erna and that she worked in the guest-house Labermann as waitress. The service was good. She served me in the next two hours  first class and the service was perfect, as far as I could judge, since I did not have such a lot of experience yet.  After Erna’s „services“ I knew something more about women. The boys had paid in advance and Erna was satisfied. During travels later and periods of rest in Hamburg, I met Erna more often but I have to pay her myself.

On this ship and during this trip my birthday was spoken about often.

From Hamburg we said goodbye to one another and our journey began. I thought that I would probably need time till Port Said to remember all the faces.  But since you see a face often during the day, you remember it quickly.  The steward of the crew and I shared a good camaraderie on board of the ship  We often sat together and told each other stories of our country life. He was a clever boy and I was certainly able to learn a lot from him.  He had also made some trips already on other ships.  When I wanted to die of seasickness for the first time, he gave me good advice and survival techniques. We traveled to India, to the Persian Gulf, to America and back to the Gulf. After that we were to get a new route.

I was to be long trips without homeland harbor but I was happy. Finally my dream had been fulfilled. I was on the sea and on the way to India! Each shipping company had a specialty. The „Hansa“ sailed to India and to the USA,  „Hapag“ to East Asia and Japan and the „Hamburg-Süd“brought bananas from South America. The „Norddeutsche Lloyd“ was on the way to Asia and America and the „Levant“ – shipping company was at home in the Mediterranean Sea. Others in turn, sailed to Africa or to the Norwegian Sea. The names of the ship and the chimneys were the identification of the shipping company. Names of ships ending with -fels or -stein or -Städte or German federal states were characteristic of each shipping company.

Our cook had already been in India and Pakistan (Hansa special) very often and he cooked brilliant Curries. Also the crew were obsessed with curries and that day I had the first day food for the travelers to India, so to say, for lunch. The Curry was not bad, but for me as a novice it was too hot. Quickly I learned that bread, yogurt and something sweet alleviated the spiciness.  The food with curry was for lunch – now it ws evening. We had arrived at the Bay of Biscay and the weather deteriorated.

Here comes the same in German languages: Weiterlesen „I NEED YOUR HELP-ICH BRAUCHE EURE HILFE!“